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  We have a wide variety of chemicals that are available for home and agricultural uses. We even offer Pest Control Advisor (PCA) services to provide you with guidance in choosing chemicals that will best fit your agricultural needs.

  • Herbicides:

    Herbicides are used to either kill or inhibit plant growth. These are commonly used for unwanted plants such as weeds.

  • Insecticides:

    Insecticides are chemicals which are used to kill insect pests that are doing damage or have the potential to inflict harm upon a crop.

  • Fungicides:

    Fungicides are chemicals which are used to kill or inhibit the growth of fungi in a crop.

  • Surfactants:

    "Surface-active agent". Any substance that when dissolved in water or an aqueous solution reduces its surface tension or the interfacial tension between it and another liquid.

  • Adjuvants:

    Adjuvants are agents added to a chemical that increase or aid its effect by affecting the action of the chemical’s active ingredient. When applying fungicides, insecticides, or herbicides without a recommended adjuvant, 30-50% reduction in pest control can be expected.

  • Spreaders:

    Spreaders are a form of adjuvant that is used to increase the area of coverage by the liquid as it is applied. It also helps spread a more uniform spray deposit.

  • Stickers:

    Stickers cause the spray droplets to adhere or “stick” to the target to decrease run-off or wash –off during a rainfall.

  • Buffers:

    Buffers are used to increase the solubility and dispersion of a product when used with extremely acidic or alkaline water. These are designed to adjust the pH of alkaline waters and minimize hydrolysis of those pesticides which tend to decompose in alkaline spray solution.


Description of Services: We pride ourselves in offering superior farm products at competitive prices combined with excellent customer service.
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