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Application Services & Equipment

Custom Spreading and Application

  • Air Spreader
    • This is primarily used for fertilizer applications and seeding. Seeds for crops grown in this area can be spread using this machine.

  • Spinner Spreader
    • This is used primarily for spreading fertilizer, lime and gypsum.

  • Airplane Spreader
    • Liquid Spraying
      • Herbicides and insecticides can be applied using this technique.

    • Fertilizer Applications

Grower Applied

  • Wilmers
    • Available for rent in spreading and application processes. Rent is based on a per acre price.

Soil, Water, and Tissue Samples

The goal for a grower is to maximize yield regardless of climate variance so as to maintain as much control as possible over the farming process. Control is derived from proper testing, appropriate planting practices and adequate soil nutrient replenishment. Soil, water, and tissue samples can be taken and sent into a laboratory for analysis of nutrient levels. Based on these results, adjustments can be made to improve production.

Custom Mixing and Blending

Custom mixing and blending is available for seed and fertilizer in bulk amounts. See information contained within the sections of "Fertilizer" and "Seed".

Sprayers, Tanks and Injection Pumps

Some equipment is in stock. Sprayers, tanks, injection pumps and supplemental equipment can be ordered based on size and needs.

Description of Services: We pride ourselves in offering superior farm products at competitive prices combined with excellent customer service.
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